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Bharat Ki Baat shifts gear to Urban India and economy in its upcoming episodes

Anshu Sharma

Anshu Sharma

Mumbai- Pallavi Joshi’s show 26 episode show, Bharat Ki Baat changes its narrative to Urban India and tracks India’s robust economy through zealous entrepreneurs and dynamic visionaries. Directed by Vivek Agnihotri, Bharat Ki Baat is a positive narrative on India glorious past, ever developing present and a positive outlook into her future.

After tracking India’s rich history and diverse culture, the show touched upon complex topcis like women empowerment and social justice. The upcoming episodes scale up to the glossier parts of the country to track the urban economy.

Bharat Ki Baat includes Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi flagship programs like ‘Make In India’ and ‘Skill India’ which have been developed with  a view to attract investors into the country and encourage production, enhance industrial activities in the country.

A case In point is Samsung Factory which is the world’s largest mobile phone factory which has opened in India this month, Inaugurated by Modi himself has been featured in the upcoming episodes. Various Skill India initiatives like LabourNet and Sabhav foundation are featured in the episode.

Bharat Ki Baat

LabourNet is a social enterprise based in Bangalore with a clear focus on enabling livelihoods and improving real income wages of the informal sector by improving worker skill and productivity. LabourNet’s multi-pronged model focuses on differing training requirements of different profiles of individuals – casual workers, manual labourers, housewives, high-level technical experts and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Gayathri Vasudevan Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of LabourNet Services India Private Limited talks about her various initiatives on the show. While Gayathri stands at the top of the pyramid rolling out the initiatives multiple beneficiaries like Shilpa from Hosur, Karnataka also makes her way into the show.

Born to a jack fruit vendor with multiple siblings and minimal education Shilpa has turned her rudimentary stitching skills into a full throttle enterprise with the help of Sambhav Foundation and LabourNet backing her.

Talking about the upcoming episodes of Bharat ki Baat, Pallavi Joshi said, “Shooting these episodes has been quite a challenge simply because the landscape is vast. Be it Skill India or Make in India initiatives or start ups in the country the segments that contribute to India’s booming economy are also diverse in nature.When we talk of startups it is usually a techie with sound education and global exposure who have decided to shift base to India and roll out their own entrepreneurship vision. While those who form a part of Skill India initiatives are from a much modest backgrounds and with the help of training and incubation support they too are building their micro enterprise. It’s heartwarming to see India’s entrepreneurship booming. Entrepreneurship is a way of life and mostly about risks and challenges and we Indians are ready for it across strata that is what we have tried to convey through these episode. Also another aspect that came out in our research is the fact start ups are perceived as youth phenomenon but we met a whole bunch of middle aged people who have launched their ventures. Through these episodes we have also tried to break this perception.”

A plethora of interesting start ups and personalities behind them are covered in these episodes.

Swati Tiwari, Arcturus Business Solutions LLP, NOIDA talks about her venture in the space of analytical solutions in Energy and Infrastructure Sector. The company has been approved for the investment under GAIL start-up fund in 2018 and ranked as top 43 Innovative Start-ups under Economic Times Power of Ideas – 2015.

Swati Kohli, SM Learning Skills for Special Needs Pvt Ltd (Gurugram). Cogni-Able is a data-based, technology-driven assistive tool that guides parents or clinicians in the treatment journey of special needs children based on evidence and research.

Zodhya is a startup working is on reducing maintenance for people running corporates and institutions. It provides energy saving solutions in the form of Automated LED lights and others which would reduce the electricity consumption by up to 30% and it is founded by a team of graduates from IIT Madras.

NearBuzz is an advertising platform for offline media agencies and outdoor digital screen networks, powered by Computer Vision technology for Audience Analytics and IoT for real-time place context. It enables brands and agencies to run interactive campaigns on outdoor digital displays, with programmable context based triggers for real-time targeted Ads.

SmartTerra helps the municipalities in India to transition from paper logs, employee memory and Excel spreadsheets to organized operations and maintenance. SmartTerra is low-cost and user-friendly by taking a mobile-first and cloud-hosted approach.

XLPAT® is a platform hosting a bunch of applications that automates Patent Searching and Analytics. With breakthrough in Automation of Patent Services, the company has revolutionized the science and art of Prior Art Searching. Its platform extracts its intelligence from technologies like Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Watson, Search Intelligence and knowledge from years of experience in IPR. It further provides Automated Technology clustering, coupled with excellent visualization of Patent Data that help to gain quick competitive insights.