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Train service to start between Bihar and Nepal, train will build the dams of relationships

Samiksha Soni

Samiksha Soni

Patna: Bihar is connected with Nepal from centuries. Relationships between them are more than two countries and at the social and family level. It has promoted it with uninterrupted traffic between Bihar and Nepal.

This relationship will be stronger with new initiatives of rail service. The next train service between Bihar and Nepal is going to begin next year. The first train from Bihar to Nepal will going to start in October 2018. 69 km of single track will be constructed at the cost of eight hundred crore from Jaynagar in Bihar to Berdibas of Nepal.

There will be a three km rail track in Jaynagar of Bihar. For this purpose, construction of 35km rail track is in process from Jaynagar to Kirtha via Janakpur in the first phase.

According to the construction company IRCON, the track will be built from Jaynagar (Bihar) to Kurtha (Nepal) by April 2018. Trial of the train service is also expected to be done in October 2018. After this, regular operations of trains will be started.

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After this the second phase will start under which rail track will be constructed from Kurtha to Bijalpura till March 2019. In the third phase, a 16 km track will be constructed from Bijalpura to Berdibas.According to an IRCON official, trains operating from Jaynagar to Kurtha will start from October 2018. The train service will be started from Kurtha in Nepal to Bijalpura in March 2019. Trains will run from Bijalpura to Bardibas from 2021 onwards.

Separate station in Jaynagar Station building has been already constructed to start the train service. Trains for Nepal will open from Jaynagar. For this, a separate station is being constructed near the Jaynagar station. From there trains of Nepal will run.