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Rail accident passes: Palamu express passes through broken track on Patna Gaya route

Samiksha Soni

By Samiksha Soni

Bihar (Patna): A major rail accident was suspended on Saturday in Bihar’s Patna-Gaya rail track. The railway track was broken at two places in the morning of November 25.

During this, Palamu passed on a broken track, but there was no incident took place. There was a stir in the Railway Administration after getting information about the track breaking and the passing of the train on the broken track. The staff of the railway arrived at the funeral and repair work was started.

According to the information, about one and a half inch of the railway tracks were broken by Outer Signals of Masaudhi Court Halt and Nadaul. Although before receiving the information of breakdown of rail track Palamu Express passed through a broken track.

As their no incident took place during this period. However, the operation of trains on this route remained stagnant for about fifty minutes. Operation got normal after the repair of the route. During this time trains on many stations, including Jehanabad, Masaudhi stands for a long time and railway passengers faced problems.