fallopian tube blockage

Fallopian tube blockage becomes a major obstacle to pregnancy : Dr. Chanchal Sharma

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Life Style (Delhi). Pregnancy is considered to be the happiest time of every woman’s life. Because it is only after this pregnancy that a new guest arrives in the Family, which fills the house with happiness and joy. But due to some reasons of Infertility, due to which all these happiness disappears.

In the present time, the more pleasure and facilities humans have received and on the other side, their lifestyle and food have been badly affected. Because of which imbalance in the defects of the human body has arisen. Many types of diseases and disorders start taking birth due to poor balance in the body. Ayurveda says that if a person’s diet is not balanced and lifestyle is not good, then he will always be surrounded by diseases and defects.

The problem of closed fallopian tubes is most commonly seen in India. It is a type of female genital disorder that causes a huge problem in conception. Today, most married women are falling prey to closed fallopian tubes and are taking a serious condition like infertility.

The fallopian tube mainly affects pregnancy and if it is not treated in time, the problem increases day by day. Blocked fallopian tubes are detected only when the couple is undergoing treatment for infertility.

The main causes of fallopian tube Blockage –

Modern food and diet has greatly affected the lives of women. Due to which many problems like physical balance and obesity have started causing many reproductive disorders.
The pain in the lower abdomen often persists.
Vaginal Discharge.
Irregular Menstruation
Excessive bleeding during menstruation,
Amenorrhea etc. can be due to this.

Main symptoms of fallopian tube blockage –

Symptoms of fallopian tube closure are not externally obvious, but women may be told that the fallopian tube may be diagnosed on the basis of some signs.
Feeling extreme pain while making physical relations with a husband.
More swelling and feeling of pain in the pelvic area.
Loss of interest in sexual intercourse.
Greater gaps in periods.
Often persisting a stomach ache problem.

How the fallopian tube get Blocked –

According to Ayurveda, fallopian tubes can be mainly blocked in three ways, which are as follows –

If the fallopian tube blocks from near the uterus, then this type of block is known as proximal fallopian tube blockage.
If the fallopian tube is closed intermittently, it is called middle fallopian tube blockage.
If blockage occurs on the fallopian tube fimbriae i.e. where the fallopian tube ends, then this type of blockage is named distal blockage.

Ayurvedic and Panchakarma treatment of blocked fallopian tubes

Ayurveda has always been at the forefront in treatment related to Infertility. Many such herbs, medicines and Panchakarma therapies are available in Ayurveda since ancient times, on the strength of which the fallopian tubes closed reproductive disorders are cured with great success. Dr. Chanchal Sharma, Infertility Specialist of Aasha Ayurveda’s has been successfully doing Ayurvedic treatment of fallopian tubes in Asha Ayurveda for the last 15 years.

Uttar Basti therapy of Panchakarma is considered to be the best treatment of blocked fallopian tubes as this treatment is very effective and quick to benefit.

In order to cure blocked fallopian and attain superior progeny, according to Acharya Charak, the great physician of Ayurveda and Sushruta Samhita, catering, lifestyle, ethics, daily routine, dinner and Ritu Chariya are followed.

How the closed fallopian tube opens with food and lifestyle:-

According to Ayurveda, if a woman consumes a balanced diet, her health remains good and fertility improves. Good lifestyle balances the doshas found in the body of women and opens the closed channels. If you are cautious about your food, then more than half of the problems are eliminated. The rest are cured by some Ayurvedic medicine.

All this information is obtained during a special conversation with Dr. Chanchal Sharma, Asha Ayurveda’s Infertility expert. If any of you are troubled by fallopian tube problem, feel free to contact Asha Ayurveda Rajouri Garden New Delhi.

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