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How to Treat the Corona Virus in Pregnancy…Read full report

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Dr chanchal sharma

By Dr. Chanchal Sharma…

Special Report: Knowing the corona virus during pregnancy time has become very important for every pregnant woman as the immunity decreases slightly during pregnancy, that is, the ability of the body to fight against diseases is weak.

Let us know how this virus affects pregnant women and how pregnant women should protect themselves from it. If a pregnant woman has symptoms such as a cold, pain in the body, headache, sore throat, fever, sneezing, difficulty in breathing, etc. In this way, if a pregnant woman feels the symptoms, then the corona should be examined as soon as possible and its initial treatment should be started.

If a pregnant woman has a fever problem, how to decide whether this fever is normal or the corona related fever?

For this, the doctor should be contacted without any delay. Gynecologists believe that most pregnant women have to go to the hospital for a checkup, But in the current situation, they should try to do primary consultation through a phone call, they should settle themselves by talking on the phone from home. One should go to the hospital only for the necessary investigation.

If a pregnant woman becomes infected with the coronavirus, she needs to be very careful and at this time especially her husband and family members need to be looked after. Following a Corona protocol should help a fully infected pregnant woman. If the woman is admitted in the hospital, then keep taking care of her at all times.

There are some such cases that if a pregnant woman becomes corona infected, her child also turns positive after delivery. But very few cases are heard like this. Therefore, there is no need to worry pregnant women at all. During pregnancy, the body needs more rest.

What precautions should pregnant women take in Covid-19

The second wave of Covid-19 is spreading its feet very fast and at such a time, pregnant women need a lot of attention. The second wave of each epidemic is very deadly and at such times there is an increased risk for pregnant women. During the time of Covid, if pregnant women followed these protocols carefully, then they would be able to survive the disaster of this epidemic.

Avoid using a public vehicle…

Avoid going outside.
Take full care of the catering. Include iron, calcium, vitamins, protein etc. in your diet.
According to the doctor, Ayurvedic decoction can also be consumed.

Regularly do yoga…

exercises and meditation as per the advice of a good yoga instructor.
Keep consuming milk, cheese and milk products.

Eat more food than a normal woman because your baby is nourished in the womb.

Get your checkups done regularly and follow the doctor’s consultation completely.

Do not do anything with your mind and avoid going in crowded places, take full care of cleanliness, wash your hands with soap.

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