Hrithik Roshan Calls Vivek Dahiya A Man of Character


Mumbai.  As the dance competition heats up on Nach Baliye, actor Vivek Dahiya had an interesting interaction with judge Mohit Suri and guest Hrithik Roshan this week.

Our source informs us, “Mohit wanted to know if Vivek ever feels insecure about Divyanka’s popularity to which Vivek replied saying that he’s always asked this questions and he could never relate. In fact, Vivek went to say that both he and Divyanka were mature individuals when they met and she was already successful at that time.

Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka

He’s always felt proud and in fact she’s been an inspiration as an actress. Divyanka went on to say that she’s grateful that she’s married to a man who doesn’t bring ego between the two of them and its very rare for a guy to not feel insecure about his wife’s success and in fact encourage her to do more.

Hrithik was taken back by Vivek’s humility and maturity and said that Vivek is a man of character and it is this character that will really take him to greater heights in life.