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Awesome tips to pamper your hair this summer


By Shrimi Sinha,

Summer sun and summer temperature is very happy as they will soon enter within few days. These two would surely bring yummy mangoes and litchis. But apart from yummy fruits, the sun will bring sun damage to our hair which would surely make hair dull, weak and lustreless. So, don’t get disappointed just scroll down and get some awesome ideas to pamper your hair this summer.

  1. Stay hydrated: Drinking at least eight glasses of water (plain or filtered) is not only beneficial for skin but also for hair too.
  2. Regular hair trimming- Summer season is the best time for split ends to grow. So to avoid it split ends, trim your hair regularly.
  3. Oil Massage- Giving oil massage to your hair not just strengthens the hair but also improves the blood circulation.
  4. Hair sunscreen- Applying sunscreen to hair is a wing to protect your hair this summer from scorching heat.
  5. Switch to wide-tooth comb instead of a brush- Avoid using brush while hair is wet, as hair begin  to break. So, wide-tooth comb is a more suitable to wet hair.

So, follow the above tips and pamper your hair this summer.