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‘#MeToo shouldn’t just be restricted to women’: Imran Khan

Hariom Kumar

Hariom Kumar Report-

Mumbai- #MeToo movement has taken the Bollywood industry by storm and caused a lot of chaos among-st the makers and actors. After recently Ajay Devgn spoke about his movie facing backlash due to having #MeToo accused actor another such incident encircling Alok Nath has created a havoc for the maker of ‘Mai Bhi’ as most of the distributors have asked them to re-shoot the sequence involving Alok Nath because of him being accused in the #MeToo movement.

‘Mai Bhi’ is a movie which highlights a very important issue of sexual misconduct forced upon young boys which lead them to become criminals later in the society where Alok Nath plays an important cameo of the in-court judge.

Imran Khan who enacts one of the lead and is the producer of ‘Mai Bhi’ also spoke out on his movie facing backlash from distributors, “The movie is about some juvenile boys who faced sexual brutality and didn’t speak up due to the fear of being ridiculed by the society. #MeToo is supposed to be a movement which gives a voice to those who haven’t been able to speak up like this. Whereas, instead of favoring us as per our movie title it has created a lot more obstacles in front of us. Our cinema is busy focusing on misconduct the women in our society face that they don’t feel the need to bring in light the assault young boys in our society face. Someone who is trying to bring out such a story is being held back because of someone accusing one of the actors of the film is not justified to the film and the teamwork that has led to this film. In my opinion, #MeToo movement shouldn’t just be restricted to women and should give strength and voice to anyone who hasn’t been able to or isn’t capable of speaking up.”


Alok Nath was dragged into the #MeToo movement when Vinta Nanda filed a case against him in October 2018 alleging him of sexual misconduct with her 19 years ago. This led him to face the judge and CINTAA expelling the actor.

This has now caused trouble for the makers of the movie ‘Mai Bhi’ as most of the distributors and PNA(Print and Advertising) partners are refusing to take up the movie because of a #MeToo accused is a part of the movie and suggested them to reshoot the portion involving the accused actor as it is a norm nowadays to vouch for such trends.

“If a person is a criminal and you don’t report the crime immediately you somewhere have led the person to believe he can do the same with others without any fear of being punished for it. If he did something to you he would be doing it someone else as well. You not raising your voice about it at that time and thinking about your career then and accusing now is just selfish. How many other women she could’ve prevented from facing such things in the last 20 years.” stated Imran Khan.

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“I am a supporter of #MeToo movement and respect it completely, it’s just that re-shooting a sequence at this stage of the film isn’t really feasible. Also, the movie has been shot a long time before the latter was accused in October 2018 and to face denial and refusal for a theatrical release isn’t justified. I believe in the story we’re trying to bring in front of the audience and am ready to face all or any obstacle that comes in our way because films and storytelling is the only thing I’ve done my whole life and will not back down now at this hour of need.” summarised the ‘Divya Drishti’ actor

Imran has been a part of a lot of television shows some namely ‘Humse Hai Liife’, ‘Dastaan’, ‘Ajnabee’, ‘Naagin’, ‘Beintehaa’, ‘Beyhadh’ and many more with ‘Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi’, ‘Sooryavansham’, ‘Dil Toh Bacha Hai Ji’, ‘Heroine’ being some of the hit movies he’s been a part of. Imran Khan is currently seen on Star Plus and Hotstar’s ‘Divya Drishti’ and is dedicated in the preparations for the release of his movie ‘Mai Bhi’.