Baba Ramdev fake photo

Baba Ramdev Accident News is hoax! Whatsapp forward messages with images of Patanjali chief dead are false

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The pictures that have been attached to this story are actually from a accident in 2011 when Baba Ramdev was taken rushed to the hospital.

By Shabab Khan,

New Delhi: Death hoaxes and fake WhatsApp forwards have become the trend of the season and the latest to fall prey is none other than Baba Ramdev. A death hoax message of the Indian Yoga Guru and Patanjali Chief being involved in a road accident on the Mumbai-Pune highway has gone viral on WhatsApp. A WhatsApp thread suggesting that Baba Ramdev and four others have been involved in a car crash while travelling from Pune to Mumbai.

There are few images send along with the crude message suggesting Baba Ramdev s death have created a sense of panic among his followers. A picture showing Baba Ramdev carried on a hospital stretcher from an ambulance while another image is that of a brutally crashed car. The death hoax spread like wildfire on the social media so much that Baba Ramdev had to post a tweet on rubbishing the rumours.

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev is an influential figure courtesy his huge work in the field of yoga, Ayurveda, business, politics and agriculture. The sudden news of the death of a public personality caused a huge uproar on the social media. A certain WhatsApp message gave details regarding the untimely death of Baba Ramdev as he was travelling to Mumbai. The images send along with the disturbing fake news has the affluent personality lying on the stretcher along with a damaged car. While the picture of the crashed car is latest, Baba Ramdev s photo is taken from 2011. In 2011 Baba Ramdev witnessed a deadly accident in Bihar when the Yogi Guru had to be rushed to the hospital. These old pictures are now being used to create distress in the form of a hoax message.

Baba Ramdev fake photo

“No such incident has taken place on the Mumbai-Pune highway. The messages are fake, a highway control officer told DNA. The highway authorities have rubbished these rumours and confirmed that no such mishap had taken place. The pictures that have been attached to this story were actually from an accident in 2011 when Baba Ramdev was taken rushed to the hospital. The car shown in the picture is proof enough that it is from Bihar as the number plate clearly indicates BR.

Not just the clarification from the authorities but Baba Ramdev took to Twitter on clearing the air over his death news. He wrote, “Took yog shivir of thousands of yogis in Haridwar today. I am safe and healthy. Don’t believe on any rumours”. This tweet came as a sigh of relief for the Yoga Guru followers across the globe.

Baba Ramdev is recently in the news over the Patanjali Amla Juice failing the laboratory test. The army canteen suspended the sale of the juice. Defence ministry sources said a show cause notice had been served on the company after the juice failed the test. The test was carried out at West Bengal Public Health Laboratory, Kolkata. The Haridwar-based ayurveda firm, Patanjali Group has however, blamed the Uttarakhand government department for the failure of test. It is yet to be seen whether Patanjali Amla Juice controversy heads in which direction.

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