Driving license

Getting a driving license will not be easy in Delhi

Samiksha Soni

Samiksha Soni

New Delhi: Getting a driving license will be difficult in Delhi. For this, the test to get the license is being changed and new tracks will be made. New changes to get driving license in Delhi will be applicable from June 1, 2018. The Department of Transport believes that by making the driving license test difficult, only qualified persons will be able to find it and there will be a reduction in road accidents.

Permanent DL will be difficult to get:In Delhi from June 1, 2018 you will have to give automated driving test to get permanent driving license. In this test, Delhites has to show its driving skills at 10 Automated Test Centers. The track on which you have to show driving skills will be made quite difficult.

Changes on the driving track:

To get a driving license, the track in Delhi will be changed. That is, the track will be made slightly more difficult than before. The track of Driving Skill test for DL is being prepared at the 8 digit size. This track has to be crossed in just 90 seconds.

Automated Driving Tests will be created for Hauz Khas, Shakur Basti, Raja Garden and Hari Nagar mentomated Tracks. Apart from this, the other centers will be built on Rohini, Dwarka, Jharoda Kalan, Burari, Sarae Kale Khan and Loni Road. The difficult test is to reduce the road accidents in Delhi. If the right person gets the license then the accident will decrease.

Cars will have to run in reverse:

For DL, you have to show a car in the reverse during the test. For this, the task of reverse  test will be completed. You have to complete this task within 3 minutes. In fact, the Transport Department wants to improve the habit of carriage by driving casually and reduce road accidents, so the license test has been made difficult.