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Government will bring a new law to replace ‘triple divorce’ in the winter session of Parliament

Samiksha Soni

Samiksha Soni

New Delhi: In the Winter Session of Parliament, the government can bring a new law to end the system of three divorces. According to the sources, ‘Triple divorce’ can be declared a crime in the new law.

It is worth noting that in August, the Supreme Court had banned ‘Triple Divorce’ and had asked the government to make any other law in its place within six months.

The Supreme Court pronounced a historic verdict on ‘Triple divorce’ on 22nd August and barred it for six months, terming it as unconstitutional 3-2. The court has asked the central government to make a new law on this issue, till then for a period of six months the ‘triple divorce’ will be stopped.

Despite this, many cases of ‘triple divorce’ are coming out in country. Just a few days ago a news report from Aligarh, in which a professor there had given his wife three divorce on Whatsapp.