Gujarat Election: Different arrangement in EVM for election

Samiksha Soni

Samiksha Soni

New Delhi: In the Gujarat assembly elections held in 2002, 1581 votes could not be counted from EVM because there was any technical problem during counting. Therefore, this time, the Election Commission has directed that votes will be calculated from Voter Verifiable Paper Audit (VVPAT) on any counting of votes on 18th December.

The number of votes counted in this way is likely to be low, but they can play a vital role in the seats which will be compared to the thorns. For instance, in the Gujarat Assembly elections of 2012, the victory of defeat in at least nine seats was decided by around 1500 votes. The least difference was that the Congress had won with just 162 votes in the Sojitra seat.

An EC official said, “EVMs are damaged many times during counting of votes. Generally bad EVMs are removed and votes of correct EVM machines are counted. “The official said,” Generally, when the difference of win is very high, the votes cast in the poor EVMs will be ignored. But this time there is VVPAT, if EVM machine has any technical disturbances, then votes can be counted. “For the first time in 182 seats in Gujarat, elections will be held with VVPAT.