Poonam Mahajan

Pseudo Secularists are purely responsible for creating unwanted differences: Mahajan

Priyesh Kumar "Prince"

By Priyesh Kumar “Prince”

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha National President Poonam Mahajan, MP (Lok Sabha) opined that the Pseudo Secularists are purely responsible for creating unwanted differences among various religions by the means of minority appeasement.

She further alleged that the opposition parties like the Congress Party, TMC, Communists and AIMIM are indulging in petty politics, dividing the society on the basis of religion.

She was speaking at the BJYM Dialogue on “Decoding Pseudo Secularism” at Constitution Club, New Delhi. Former Railway Minister Mr Mukul Roy, Member of Parliament (RS) Mr Swapan Dasgupta and Senior Journalist Ms Rajshri Rai were other speakers on the occasion.


Poonam Mahajan further said that the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji’s idea of building the #NewIndia will only be possible if there is Equality in Society among all religions. Ugly and divisive intentions of the opposition parties are hampering the growth of the India at large.

Former Railway Minister Mr Mukul Roy said, the idea of secularism has been the most debated political phenomenon in our Nation because it has been used as a means of appeasement. West Bengal is an ideal example for the same. To appease the minorities, Mamta Bannerjee has gone beyond calling out “Allah ho Akbar”.

There have been controversial stipends to imams, setting up of Haj Houses, a new campus for Aliah University, sanction for 400 Madarsa hostels, and scholarships for Muslim students on the other hand the Saraswati Pujas is being stopped at schools, Durga puja immersion was being repeatedly barred keeping the Muslim “Muharram” in contention.

Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) Shri Swapan Dasgupta said that the political process and democratic governance in India are both affected when a few political parties use ‘secularism’ for electoral gain. Unfortunately, from West Bengal to Kerala and from Kashmir to Karnataka, we see differentiated response of the State Governments towards religious practices and institutions. The idea of secularism is being distorted and categorically misused by Political entities to cater their political needs.

Senior Journalist Ms Rajshri Rai said, ‘Psuedo Secularism’ should not affect our belief in the idea of a Secular India. Media should play a responsible role and exposing the “pseudo secularists” in the public at large.