student raise up against varsity VC ‘Shame’

Shrimi Sinha

Shrimi Sinha

Patna: ‘VC have some shame, please punish the accused’, walls hear such slogons at Nalanda University Accusation for sexual harassment What is happening at Nalanda University is a matter of shame.

In the temple of education, sexual harassment is taking place. The blame is on a Dabanng student of Nalanda University who was forcefully tried to sexually harass a lady student from the same university. This is not the first time that lady faced such painful thing.

Before also, she complained about the matter but the administration did not take any bold step against the student. Some students have commented that the guilty have some local connections and with this the administration is not taking any step. But the shocking thing is that the culprit as well as the victim is living at the same hostel.

The Communication Director of university has stated that VC is doing his part of investigation and culprit won’t be saved. The other details of the incident shall be told after proper investigation.