Rekha Rana

Rekha Rana has stolen the show with ‘Saiyaan’

Hariom Kumar

Hariom Kumar Report-

Mumbai- Patriotism and Patriarchy are the most trending theme for any visual experience and music videos have taken upon this momentum as well. Rekha Rana has hit the ball out of the park by combining the two and delivering a visual feast that catches the heart & emotion of the audience with her latest ‘Saiyaan’ released by T-series.

Rekha Rana1

‘Saiyaan’ features Rekha as a soldier’s wife and depicts their separation in a never seen before storyline where Sameer Arora portrays her spouse. The music video is a tribute to our brave soldiers and is directed by Ravendra Singh Bhadauria and Abhishek Mantri and produced by Ajay Singh under Eklavya Productions.

The song is written by Sufi Khan and Yash Wadali has given the music to it. Shaheen Khan has given her voice to the song and has surely made her crooning soulful and mesmerizing.

Rekha Rana 2

Rekha Rana recently attended the 91st Academy Awards and graced the red carpet of the Vanity Fair. She also shot for a Hollywood music video during her stay in LA under the banner of Christ Productions.

‘Saiyaan’ released on 4th April and since then has become an instant hit on tik-tok and various social media platforms and a favorite among st the audience leading it to milestones one by one