Aanand Kumar

Saudi Arabia chapters organizes a grand function on the occasion of Bihar Day


Patna- Riyadh, Super 30 founder Anand Kumar, in news for the Hrithik Roshan-starter biopic on his life, exhorted the Bihari diaspora in Saudi Arabia to contribute their mite to spread the light of education in the darkened corners, as it alone has the power to transform societies and fight all the evils.

He was speaking as the chief guest at the Bihar Diwas function organized by Bihar Foundation chapter in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Bihar Foundation chapters are recognized groups of Bihari diasporas.

Super 30 Anand Kumar

Citing the example of how students from the poorest sections of the society brought about generational change once they got proper education, Kumar said it was the responsibility of well-off sections of the society to take care of the needy.

“Nothing is more satisfying than facilitating education of the needy. A strong Bihari diaspora here can bring great change. You can help someone with money once or twice, but you never know the outcome, but once a person gets properly educated, the results are always positive and known. It equips a person with the self-confidence to take the additional steps and be counted,” he added.

Obaidur Rahman, chairman of Bihar Foundation in Saudi Arabia, assured Kumar that an initiative like Super 30 was under consideration of the foundation to help the needy students and Kumar’s pro-active help would be required for that. We have started Rahman 30 program on line of Super 30 he added.

Bihar Diwas

Assuring all help for any cause related to education, Kumar said that in the modern world, where knowledge is real empowerment, it was important for any society to prepare its human resources in the best possible way.

“It can strengthen the country as nothing else can. Investment in human development is what will matter in the end. India is fortunate to have demographic dividend, with a large section below 30 years age, and we can make the most of it only if education reaches all sections,” he added.

Anand Kumar is known for his pioneering initiative ‘Super 30’, which  mentors students for India’s premiere IIT free of cost. The initiative has been running for close to two decades with a remarkable success rate. Now a biopic is being made on his life, with Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan in the lead role.

Kumar said the film was a tribute to all the hardworking students, his team and family, who helped him continue with the initiative despite odds. “My students excelled and they became my strength when I needed it. That is the power of education. It has an inspiring effect,” he added.