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Bihar suffers from pollution, Delhi like condition is prevailing

Samiksha Soni

Samiksha Soni

Patna: The haze in Delhi has underlined the need to look at the problem of pollution again. It has affected life very badly. Traveling through the rail, air and road too has become very difficult for Delhiites. The life of patients suffering from respiratory diseases has come to danger.

After Delhi Patna, Muzaffarpur, Gaya and Bhagalpur are slowly changing to such situations. Air pollution in these cities was even higher than Delhi. Experts believe that if the measures were not taken on time it would not be too late to form a Delhi-like situation.

Vehicle pollution The poisonous smoke coming out of vehicles is polluting the air most. The poisonous gas, such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, coming out of vehicles is making the air poisonous. Their share in air pollution is about 33 percent.

Despite this, there is no any initiative to control the operation of the vehicles. There are 52 lakh vehicles registered in Bihar. More than eight lakh vehicles are running in Patna alone.

In March this year, the registration of new vehicles in Bihar increased by fifteen percent, which was the highest in the country after Bengal. Among them, 16 percent in Patna, 10 percent in Muzaffarpur and 5 percent more than in Gaya were purchased.

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Apart from these three districts, the rest of the other districts are not lagging behind in the purchase of the vehicles.  On seeing the serious situation of pollution, the High Court had ordered the state government to stop the operation of the fifteen years old diesel vehicle in Patna last year.

An attempt was made to remove such vehicles by running a campaign for a few days, but with the passage of time, the order remained airborne. On the streets of the capital, the shabby vehicles are still running from rapidly. Owners of old vehicles pulled out from the order of the court and started driving their vehicles away from Patna in villages and small towns. As a result, the air pollution level increased even in the new area.

Global Pollution

Oxygen Burning Vehicles While buying a car, we do not pay any attention to the loss occurs due to it. During the race on the roads, vehicles keep on releasing oxygen every minute. In one minute, the number of oxygen required to breathe for 1135 people is destroyed by one vehicle.

Environmental damage from brick kilns In the past few decades, the practice of building a firm house has increased. It was not limited to cities, but also started building brick homes in the villages. Because of this, place brick kiln opened in place. There was no attention given to the damage to the environment while allowing them.More than 5507 brick kilns are running in the state.

They produce crore of bricks every year. After being hit by the pollution in the air due to the poisonous gas emitted from the brick-kiln, the government slept in place. Old brick kilns were closed in areas around Patna, but, in the remaining cities, the brick kiln was running fast.

The effort to save the air from the pollution of the government proved to be inadequate and after Patna, the other cities of the state also came under the influence of air pollution. Their number is increasing year by year.