Tips for healthy skin this summer

Shrimi Sinha

Shrimi Sinha

Life Style: The Summer sun and temperature are very happy as they will soon enter within few days. These two would surely bring yummy mangoes and litchis.

But apart from yummy fruits, the sun will bring back sun damage to our skin which would surely cause wrinkles, marks, dark spots and tan to our beautiful and soft skin.

So, don’t get disappointed just scroll down and get some awesome ideas to protect your skin this summer.

  1. Drink water: Drink at least eight glasses of water (plain or filtered) so as to maintain moisture level of skin and body.
  1. Moisturiser: To avoid dry skin apply moisturiser as it keeps skin healthy and protects skin from sunburn.
  1. Wear protective clothes: UV absorbing colourless dye clothes is available in stores which act as good protection from sun rays. For facial protection, use umbrella or wear hats, whereas to protect eyes wear sunglasses.
  1. Healthy diet: For healthy skin this summer opt for healthy diet. Add yogurt, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and salad in your diet chart for healthy summer.
  1. Avoid low fat food: For beautiful and soft skin this summer shake hands with fat food as it balances the moisture of skin. Fish, nut, cheese, peanut butter and cheese is rich in fat.

So, follow the above tips and enjoy healthy lifestyle this summer.