Man Ka tilak

Wishes and Blessings: in service of the abandoned elderly

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Anshu Sharma

Anshu Sharma

New Delhi- Delhi based NGO ‘Wishes and Blessings’ launches platform to connect donors with beneficiaries. Established in 2014, the organization works across spectrum of age, gender, class and community to work on a number of causes, working on the ultimate goal of spreading happiness.

In India, a staggering 70% elderly face abuse on a daily basis, but never report it. Many of them face mental and physical torture, and most are eventually thrown out of their own homes. Abandoned with no one to call their own, the elderly are left to live their last few years in dismal conditions.

Wishes and Blessings set out to address this pressing concern and launched a new project, Mann ka Tilak, in April 2018.

Mann ka Tilak is an old age home meant for abandoned elderly women. The shelter home provides these women with safe accommodation, a friendly and healthy environment, nourishment along with all basic amenities. What makes the home unique is that all facilities are provided completely free of cost to give these ladies the love, care and respect they truly deserve.

Help our elderly women

Wishes and Blessings is thrilled by the success of Mann ka Tilak. In a short span of time they have been able to reach out to many abandoned and abused women, and this success has motivated us to work even harder for this neglected section of society.

The organization is now on a mission to increase the reach of the old age home. They want to extend the umbrella of security that Mann ka Tilak offers, and are looking to you for help. If you know of a homeless elderly woman who is in need of a loving and caring home, please refer her to Mann ka Tilak. The old age home has place for women from all over India.

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