Yogita Raana

Yogita Rana, popular social media influencer is the new Uplive celebrity this month

Hariom Kumar

Hariom Kumar

Mumbai- It is said that when one has a dream and the conviction to transform that dream into reality, that is when opportunity comes knocking. No one embodies this proverb more than Yogita Rana, February’s Uplive Celebrity.
Before Uplive, Rana was leading a great life. She was a known social media influencer with over 200,000 followers on Instagram, and consistently refining her dance talents.

However, while streaming on another platform, she started to realize her passion for dancing was starting to disappear under the demands of being a social media celebrity. That’s when Uplive came along and offered her a chance to stream on one of the world’s fastest growing live streaming platforms, and experience an entirely new global audience just waiting to discover talent like hers.

At first she was apprehensive, but something about Uplive convinced her to take a chance and she hasn’t regretted it since. “It was like a dream come true. Once Uplive offered me the chance to stream on their platform I never looked back“ remark Rana.

Within a few months, Yogita had already begun to grow a considerable following, and started to build relationships with her fans on the platform. She quickly became popular globally and now has a diverse following of fans from all over the world. For Yogita however, her supporters aren’t just fans, they are family.

Yogita’s talent has blossomed on Uplive, and you can find her streaming daily broadcasting her dancing talents. Uplive has created a new channel of income for her, and she has seen many housewives improve their living conditions from the support they receive from the app. However, what Uplive will always be to Yogita is a platform for anyone who is seeking to live their passion and realize their dreams.

Uplive is a rapidly growing mobile live-streaming application which allows users to interact with their favorite influence rs and hosts in-real-time, thus providing an innovative and direct form of engagement between idols and their fans.

However, Uplive is much more than just this. Uplive is a community where people can develop lasting friendships and share life’s pleasures and wonderful moments together. This community is also a place where anyone can showcase their talents, personality, dreams, and goals to the entire world.

Uplive is the brain-child of Chinese tech giant “Asia Innovations Group” or “AIG” for short. AIG was co-founded in 2013 by the most experienced leaders in Asia’s mobile-entertainment industry. With founders from both domestic and foreign tech incumbents including Ten cent, Google and Zynga, AIG brings the best of Asia’s mobile innovations to the international market.